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About Us.

Hopothesis actually started off as a hypothesis. After a night of imbibing on some excellent craft beer, and settling a fist fight related to the fallacy of Newton’s First Law, we began to question life. And more importantly, “should we or should we not start a craft beer company?”

And so we did. We acquired some award winning recipes. Secured distribution. Developed a brand worthy of Thomas Edison. And, partnered with regional breweries to manufacture our beer. We found that there are a lot of closet geeks out there. As a result, we grew our brand presence and following rapidly.

In 2016 we were acquired by Finch Beer Company. Today we manufacture solely in Chicago and distribute in more than 12 states. More information about our parent company, brewery tours, and expansion plans can be found at www.finchbeer.com.

Hopothesis Beer Company

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