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At Hopothesis, we’re relentlessly focused on making great craft beer that delivers a flavorful, approachable, balanced drinking experience for geeks and non-geeks alike.

Da Great Lakes

Upcoming Hopothesis Events


11/19/15 Binny’s Evergreen Park 530pm to 8pm
11/20/15 Jewel Elston 430pm to 630pm
11/21/15 Jewel Clark 430pm to 630pm
11/21/15 Jewel Busse Highway 1pm to 5pm
11/22/15 Mariano’s Oaklawn 12pm to 3pm
11/22/15 Mariano’s Clybourn 12pm to 3pm
11/23/15 Whole Foods Kingsbury 5pm to 7pm
 12/4/15  Whole foods Kingsbury 5pm to 7pm
 12/5/15  Mariano’s Skokie 12pm to 3pm
 12/5/15  Barclays 12pm to 4pm

Hopothesis IPA

Our English-Style India Pale Ale has been fine-tuned over the years to create a unique balance of malts and hops. The result is a crisp taste with strong malty notes with a respectable ABV and IBU measurements. Oh, and you can drink more than one and still feel quite lucid.

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